About the Almoner Committee

The Almoner Committee is accountable to the Sovereign Order of St. John (SOSJ) Vancouver Commandery and is tasked with supporting the organization in its quest to be of service to the Lord’s sick and poor.

The improvement of end-of-life care is the Almoner Committee’s primary focus; it is responsible for examining opportunities, bringing forward recommendations, and reporting to the Board. Its activities include the examination of end-of-life care trends and best practices, the exploration of training opportunities to enhance end-of-life service delivery, and the provision of support to organizations engaged in the development of end-of-life facilities.

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Best Practice Palliative Care Model

Palliative Care Across the World

Country Score Rank
UK 93.9 #1
Australia 91.6 #2
New Zealand 87.6 #3
Ireland 85.8 #4
USA 80.8 #9
Canada 77.8 #11
Source: The Economist Intelligent Unit, 2015 Quality of Death index

Almoner Committee Members

Members of the Almoner Committee have demonstrated commitment to the betterment of society and work in alignment with the goals of SOSJ.

Susan Scott Gabe Co-chair
John Jennings Co-chair
Dr. David Hunt Member
Dr. Ross Sharp Member
Dr. Rev John Bailey Member
Barbara Brink Member
Alanna Donahue Member
Dr. David Hardwick Member
Deborah Meredith Member
Jennifer Clarke Member
Marvin Storrow Member

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